Traveling along Chicago’s elevated ‘L’ train system, host Geoffrey Baer offers a personal tour of the city’s diverse neighborhoods, their cultural icons and architectural highlights, on WTTW11.

Tuesday, June 4 at 7:30 pm

Come along for the ride. . .

Its like traveling the world without ever leaving Chicago. From this map, you can browse the neighborhoods that were visited in the show.

Fun Facts and Photo Gallery
The director's own pictures and information might make you say, I didnt know that.

About the 'L' and the CTA
A quick look at how it all began!

Links of Interest
For casual travelers and railfans alike: how to get around, what the cars used to look like, a station-by-station online tour, and more. Plus Tom Valeo's article, The 'L': Rumbling in and out and around our lives, and Geoffrey Baer's own article on his 'L' ride through the neighborhoods of Chicago

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