How to submit your work to
Image Union

Programming decisions will be made during the summer, and the season begins in the fall. Submissions are welcome year round.

Image Union is a 30 minute show, so the work we select must be 26 minutes or less. If we need to edit your work, we will only do so with your input.

For preview we accept VHS or 3/4". For broadcast we need one of the following: Beta SP, Beta SX, Digi-Beta, 1" or D2. Screening copies become the property of WTTW11 and will not be returned.

Rights and Payment
Our standard license fee that we pay filmmakers is $25 per minute. The program is broadcast only within the WTTW viewing area, and the license is non-exclusive.

What to send
Please include a synopsis of your film. Clearly write your name, address and phone number on the tape label, along with the name of your piece and its length. Do not send your tape in a shredded paper-type padded envelope (the paper dust gets into the tape and onto the video heads). Use a box or an envelope padded with bubbles. Screening copies become the property of WTTW 11 and will not be returned.

What else?
You are responsible for obtaining all the necessary releases for people, music, footage, photos, etc. Music published by ASCAP or BMI need not be cleared because public television has a blanket license. (Most popular music is ASCAP or BMI, and it is usually listed somewhere on the recording. If you’re not sure, both ASCAP and BMI have searchable databases at their web sites.)

Send to:
Image Union
WTTW/Channel 11
5400 North St. Louis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
Attention: Colleen Reidy

Call 773/509-5514